About Us

The underlying concept of Language Studio is to make communication in Russian as easy and natural as in your mother tongue. We aim to offer you the most effective solutions in terms of communication for business, travel, career and everyday life.

Our way of teaching is both simple and effective — we teach you language that you can immediately use on a daily basis. Being interested in you and your personality our teachers manage to create real-life situations during the lessons. This personalised and communicative approach works best.

Being jointly Russian and British managed, Language Studio is able to bridge the cultural divide and ensure that you won't meet any misunderstandings that are common at other organisations.

Language Studio combines style and elegance with exceptional quality teaching:

  • professionalism and creativity in teaching Russian
  • interesting and enjoyable activities
  • classes specifically designed for communication
  • friendly club-like atmosphere

We use only the best materials and cutting edge techniques in teaching:

  • up-to-date coursebooks
  • language laboratory
  • PC-based educational programmes
  • e-mail courses (e-learning)
  • audio and video materials which help our students to develop communication skills more efficiently

When you visit Language Studio you will learn more about our Russian programmes, the structure of lessons and the methods of teaching.

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