At Language Studio we use a Task-Based approach to learning, which has proved to be very successful and effective. Since we make communication, both oral and written, the central feature of language teaching, each lesson is thus aimed at the development of all language skills, such as speaking, listening, writing and reading.


Language Studio provides its students with a great amount of speaking practice incorporated into various role-play activities and tasks. This approach helps students develop communication skills and adjust to an unfamiliar cultural background. We also encourage students to speak only Russianin class.


We teach you how to grasp the function of Russian grammar patterns, rather than simply memorize them. We use a discovery approach to studying grammar thereby helping you feel the logic of the language. Grammar activities are also a part of our Task-Based approach that makes grammar a live functional system tightly bound to the context of real life.


Acquisition of new lexical material is sometimes a problem for students. At Language Studio we appeal to your experience when teaching vocabulary, thus making the process more personalized and effective. Our courses contain all the necessary vocabulary, including idioms, for operating in a Russian context.


Our listening programme includes a course which is designed to help you understand fast speach by picking out key points and reconstructing the rest, to make a complete picture of your partner's speech. We also use video components in our Listening tasks.


Our Standard Course includes tasks for developing effective reading skills - skills that help you grasp the main idea and key points of a text in a short time.


This component includes editing your own writing, logical composition and international layout standards.

Special Techniques

Special techniques include the enhancement of your concentration span, which makes evening lessons not tiresome at all. Our lesson structure, which consists of different language aspects, won't bore you at all.
Our tutors speak foreign languages, but we make a point of using only Russian in class even at lower levels, for this approach results in better language acquisition and fluency development.