Our Policy of Quality

In this fast and constantly changing world most of us are always short of time and even when we are spared a chance to break away from business, studying rarely wins over meeting friends, reading a book or going to the theatre or cinema.

We realise how difficult it is to “sacrifice” your own free time to learn a foreign language, but the effort is really worth it. Language Studio doesn't just offer a number ofRussian language courses; we offer you a programme which combines many aspects of learning and ensures effective and thorough language acquisition.

"My teaching was tailored to my professional requirements" - Christine Macgregor, UK

At Language Studio we don't just teach you Russian grammar or speaking, we try to superimpose the whole language structure on you, make it accessible and ready for use. With the help of our Task-Based approach, our students and tutors create real-life situations which make language training an interesting and exciting process.

As Language Studio’s assessment test corresponds with our programme, the results help us to develop the course accordingly and choose the most suitable components for each group or individual student.

Language Studio uses The European Language Portfolioevaluation criteria, both for assessment tests and certificates (levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1).
When you finish your Russian language course, we will provide a final testing session to estimate the progress made.