Russian in St. Petersburg

Applying for a Russian language course in St. Petersburg is a genuinely practical and exciting way both to improve your Russian and to visit one of the most culturally diverse and beautiful cities in Europe.

St. Petersburg, "Russia's Window to Europe", has remarkable architecture and a location that are sure to impress you as well as a variety of restaurants, cafes and clubs that will make your stay in St. Petersburg enjoyable and relaxing.

“Language Studio and the city come together to provide a memorable learning experience” - Saumya Mitra, India

Language Studio is situated in the centreof the city, in a freshly renovated building. It is within easy reach of the metro station (2 minutes on foot), the supermarket and the shops. A shopping spree, or a quiet walk in the park - it is all there for you to choose.

The school itself has got everything for modern language training - all the classes are equipped both with audio/video units and satellite TV and at breaktime the students enjoy a cup of coffee or tea, and relax in the light and modernreceptions of Language Studio.

We also offer our guests and students a lot of extra-curricula events such as parties, exhibition, seminars and business forums, so that the students could have a chance to practice the language they are learning immediately in real-life situations.