Having worked with many international and Russian companies including Gillette, Intersport, Michelin, Sbarro, Baltinvest Bank, Lumene, Lenta, Schott, Ensto, Danfoss, Multon, Iskrasoft and others as well as with individual clients, Language Studio isconfident in its abilityto provide our students the best quality services. It makes us really proud when our clients appreciate that.

“My time at Language Studio was stimulating and immensely rewarding. No heavy grammar drills, just active communicative lessons to get me speaking Russian. I was very pleased with my progress in Russian and highly recommend Language Studio”
-Richard Moist, UK

Not only did I learn Russian but also about the culture and the everyday life in a very practical way. I will be recommending Language Studio to anyone who is interested in high quality language courses and will continue using their services myself
-Nina Ursin, Finland

Language Studio is a state of the art language school. I would recommend it to anybody who wants to learn Russian is an easy and very efficient way. They offer excellent value for money
-Peter Staerk, Germany

At Language Studio one finds serious professional instruction, delivered in a friendly way, with use of well-targeted material that is also fun. There is meticulous attention to details and to individual needs – the Studio and the city come together to provide a memorable learning experience
-Saumya Mitra, India

My teaching was tailored to my professional requirements
-Christine Macgregor, UK